Easter gifts and spring colour

With a change in the weather and brighter evening to look forward to, we now have a great selection of seasonal spring plants on the nursery.

The nursery will be open until 5.30 as of the 1st of April, which will give you that little bit longer to visit and drop by after work.

Last orders in the tearoom will be 5pm, so more than enough time for a last minute Cream Tea if you suddenly have a need!

We have been busy over the winter months  and hope you enjoy our new selections of plants and tasty tea room treats.

any queries please drop in or ring:

Nursery (023) 9246 1570

Tea Room (023) 9263 4702


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Christmas cakes now available to order

We are just putting the finishing touches to our Christmas cakes which will be available to order from Monday 19th October. Baked from a traditional recipe with brandy infused fruit and with soft fondant icing. Available in 6-9 inch diameters.

For further details please contact:
Meadow Farm Nursery Tea Room
Woodgaston Lane
Hayling Island.
Hants. PO11 0RL
023 92637402
Prices to follow..

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Take away cakes

For some of us it’s hard to quantify our yearning for cake, all we know is that there is often a  place or time when nothing else will do.

Being the kind hearted bunch that we are at Meadow Farm Nursery, we have decided to do something about this, after all no one should have to suffer a shortage of cake at what could potentially be a critical time.

So here we have it a Take Away Cake service.

It’s hard to say quite how this could change your life, all we know is that it could.

So what do I do next ?

Get on your bike, fire up the motor, get on your reeboks? it doesnt really matter, just get to the Tea Room quick – you don’t want to miss out. Select  and purchase the piece of cake that floats your boat, we will box it up (just to avoid instant distraction) and quickly leave.

Conceal the cake and return to your nomal daily routine, safe in the knowledge that if the going gets tough, you will alwys have a slice of cake to help you on your way.

NB. Cake is best enjoyed alone, in an openspace with a rural vista or seascape.










No body appreciates the effort that goes into baking fresh cakes every day better than us. So when you want that

So when it comes to a nice fresh slice of victoria sponge or chocolate cake in the garden o a


If you are a regular visitor to the nursery and Tea room you will probably

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Bakehouse recipe of the week – Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake – (recipe for 9″ ckae tins)


-400g Plain flour

- 400g Caster sugar

- 2 tsp baking powder

- 1 tsp bicarb

- 80g cocoa powder

- 350g butter

- 4 eggs

- 3 tsp vanilla essence

- 300 ml sour cream


75g butter

200g icing sugar

50g cocoa


Put the butter and sugar in the mixer and mix until light and fluffy. Gradually add the eggs,  until the consistency is smooth and then add the vanilla &  sour cream whilst continuing to mix. Add flour , baking powder and cocoa, beat together but don’t overbeat .

Divide evenly between two 23cm round tins, bake in oven at 180 degrees for approx 30 minutes

Once cooled mix together butter, icing and cocoa until light and fluffy, spread on inside of cake and on top.  sprinkle over a broken flake bar.

Once completed, make sure everyone has gone out and put the kettle on. Cut a generous slice of cake, pour a fresh cup of tea and relax. Instant gratification!!

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One of our best selling cake recipes to try at home!

Meadow Farm Nursery Tea Room

Lime and Pistachio cake 


- 300g Butter

- 300g Caster sugar

- 5 Eggs

- 300g Self raising flour

- 1tsp Baking powder

- zest of 3 limes and juice of 2

- 50g pistachio nuts chopped finley

- Lime curd


- Juice of 2 limes

- 2 tbsp Caster suagr


- 250g Butter

- 200h full fat cream cheese

- zest of 1 lime

- 250g Icing sugar

- 75g dark chocolate

- 125g Pistachio nuts


Preheat the oven to 190ºC/fan 170ºC/gas mark 5. Grease and line the three sandwich tins.Beat the butter and sugar using a wooden spoon until light and fluffy. Add the eggs  one  at a time, beating well  after each one, and adding a tablespoon of the flour  with the final egg to help prevent curdling.Fold in the remaining flour  and the baking powder until thoroughly combined. Add the lime zest and juice  and the finely chopped pistachio nuts and mix until well combined.Divide the mixture between the tins, spreading it evenly. Bake for 25–30 at 170 degrees. While the sponges are still warm turn them out  of their tins on to a wire rack, then carefully spoon the lime syrup over  the top  of each one– you may not need all the syrup. Leave the cakes to cool completely.To make the frosting, beat the butter until smooth. Add the cream cheese and mix  until combined. Add the lime zest, then sift  in the icing  sugar and beat until light and fluffy. To assemble the cake, place one of the cooled  cakes on a plate, spread with a third of the frosting, then cover with a generous layer of the lime curd. Add a sprinkling of the remaining chopped pistachio nuts. Place a second cake on top  of this and repeat the layers (saving some pistachios for the top). Place the final cake on top and cover with the remaining frosting. sprinkle the nuts on the top.

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Hayling Island Cream Tea

There are cream teas and then there are cream teas. If you are on Hayling Island and thinking perhaps a cream tea is the thing for you, then you really need to be paying us a visit.

Not only do we have a massive selection of freshly baked cakes ( usually 12 + different options every day) we also have a bit of a scone thing going on.  To put this in context we produced just over 2 tonnes of scones last year, we dont know what 2 tonnes of scones looks like but I we think it’s fair to say it’s a lot.

So back to our cream tea which are served with locally made strawberry, blackcurrant or raspberry jam, clotted cream and of course a pot of our award winning flesh leaf suki tea, or a cup of coffee.

Cue the sunshine and relax in our lovely gardens. Oh and dont forget to ask for one of our loyalty cards which entitles you to a free hot drink after you have purchased 5 drinks.

For a little more information then please visit our website. http://www.meadowfarmnursery.co.uk/p/tea-room

or better still get a glimpse of some of our daily specials and cakes on our facebook

Meadow Farm Nursery Tea Room  one of Hayling Islands premier Tea Rooms


Ours cosist of a


Meadow Farm Nursery Tea Rooms



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New season plants!

As the weather is warming up, our new season plants are rooting. We now have a great selection of Erysimum (perennial Wallflowers), heathers, hellebores, lavenders, sisyrinchium, and festuca.

Our roses are now shooting new leaves, so choose from a great selection of roses names and varieties. These make fantastic gifts for Anniversaries and Birthdays! Visit us to view the full list…

Our tete a tete pots are now bursting into flower; a sure sign that Spring is on it’s way. These are £1.99 per pot, or 3 for £5. Perfect for planting straight into patio pots and containers.

Our Primulas and Pansy pots are selling fast. Wonderful for instant colour! Our bedding 6 packs of Violas and Pansies will be rooted shortly, or are available to buy to grow on in your own greenhouse.

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Seed potatoes now in stock!

Our Seed Potatoes are now in stock, and we have everything you need for growing and harvesting.

Our Seed Potatoes include:

Albert Bartlett ‘Anya’ – for salads, steaming, boiling and roasting,

Albert Barlett ‘Vivaldi’ – for boiling, baking, steaming, mashing and roasting

Albert Bartlett ‘Rooster’ – for mashing, baking, roasting and steaming

Second Early ‘Carlingford’ – for salads, boiling, baking and chips

Main Crop ‘Desiree’ – for baking, roasting, chips and mashing

Main Crop ‘Maris Piper’ – for boiling, roasting, chips and mashing

We have Potato Growing bags which are extra deep, allowing you to grow potatoes without an allotment in small gardens and on patios.

We have various composts and feeds to ensure your soil is nutritious and rich, as well as various accessories and tools to enable you to garden in comfort and ease.

Pop in to see our full range of seeds, tools, accessories, composts and feeds to give the Kitchen Garden a kick start.

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Plants for seasonal colour!

There’s nothing like a few days of beautiful sunshine to get us inspired about the garden again! We have a great range of seasonal annuals, fantastic for introducing fresh Spring colour to borders, patio pots and containers…

Pansy pots – 80p

Mixed speciality Primulas and Polyanthus – from £1.25.

Dianthus basket plants- £2.25

Potted snowdrops – £2.49

We also have 6 packs of primulas, and our ever popular 6 packs of violas and pansies will be ready in about a month! Check our facebook for updates on when these are rooted and available.

In case you didn’t get the chance to plant your Spring bulbs at the end of last year, we have a great range of potted bulbs which can be transferred straight into planters and borders. Our bulbs include Snowdrops, Tete a tetes, Croci, Muscari and Lily of the Valley. Whilst stocks last!


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Tasks for January

- Now is a great time to prepare the Kitchen Garden borders for the growing season ahead; if you haven’t done so in the Autumn, now is a great time to add soil improver or fertilizer and prepare runner bean trenches. We sell top quality bags of Eco Mix Soil Improver.

- It’s a great time to clean the greenhouse, preparing for the seeding season ahead.

- Cut Autumn fruiting raspberries, such as ‘Autumn Bliss’ down to ground level.

- Begin to ‘force’ your Rhubarb, for early stems. Add manure and/or mulch around the crown of the plant.

- Our Seed Potatoes will be in stock shortly. ‘Chit’ these in a dry dark place, encouraging root growth for Spring planting.

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