Plants for seasonal colour!

There’s nothing like a few days of beautiful sunshine to get us inspired about the garden again! We have a great range of seasonal annuals, fantastic for introducing fresh Spring colour to borders, patio pots and containers…

Pansy pots – 80p

Mixed speciality Primulas and Polyanthus – from £1.25.

Dianthus basket plants- £2.25

Potted snowdrops – £2.49

We also have 6 packs of primulas, and our ever popular 6 packs of violas and pansies will be ready in about a month! Check our facebook for updates on when these are rooted and available.

In case you didn’t get the chance to plant your Spring bulbs at the end of last year, we have a great range of potted bulbs which can be transferred straight into planters and borders. Our bulbs include Snowdrops, Tete a tetes, Croci, Muscari and Lily of the Valley. Whilst stocks last!


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