It’s time to start growing!

It’s now a brilliant time to begin thinking about the Vegetable and Herb garden, and here at Meadow Farm Nursery, we have a brilliant range of seeds and bulbs, seed trays and pots, compost, tools, feed and ‘Grow Your Own’ kits!

Whether you would like to grow a few herbs on the windowsill, a bucket of tomatoes or chilli peppers in the greenhouse, or have a border where you would like to grow your own potatoes or onions, we have everything to get you started!

Our Mr. Fothergills range of herbs and veg come in small containers, perfect for the windowsill. These start at only £1.49.

We also stock the Mr. Fothergills range of windowsill propagator kits, with everything you need to get your vegetable seedlings started…

This season, we will continue to stock the ever-popular Burgon and Ball range of natural Willow ‘Home Allotment’ range, which includes a windowsill planter perfect for growing on these vegetables and herbs at a later stage.

We have a great selection of ‘Grow Your Own’ bucket planter and terracotta pot kits, which make brilliant gift ideas. These start at £5.99, and the vegetable range includes basil, chilll peppers, tumbling tomatoes and baby cucumbers!

We have larger Vegetable Kits which include everything to start growing potatoes, onions and garlic. These are perfect for vegetable beds about 3 metres square.

We stock a great range of seed potatoes, potato growing bags and tools…

If you fancy growing fruit, we have Strawberry and Rhubarb corms.

The medium sized Burgon and Ball ‘Home Allotment’ is perfect for growing these on the patio. These allotments have a natural Willow outer which attractively disguise the growing bag. These bags are strong and durable, with handles and drainage holes, and can be folded away for storage when the season comes to an end.

We have good quality compost in a variety of bag sizes, and a wide range of granular and liquid feeds to keep your plants in healthy condition to produce a great crop!

New in! We have just introduced a range of patio and conservatory fruit plants. The range includes apples, berries and citrus varieties! Visit us in store for more details!

If you would like any further information on varieties, stock availability or growing advice, please ring us or pop in to the Nursery for our friendly and professional expertise!

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