Preparing the ground for planting

Digging for Easter

Following an unprecedented wet 2012 most peoples vegetable gardens have really suffered with many of us having struggled to  get outside this spring  let alone prepare any ground for planting.

With Easter upon us, now really is the time to get outside and start to get the ground prepared. The ground has started to dry out finally and whilst it is still too cold, it is an ideal time to remove the winter weeds and start to fork over the beds and improve with well rotted manure or compost where appropriate.

Last year our nursery kitchen garden was a resounding failure with virtually all early and mid season crops failing. With this in mind we are planning to plant more of what did well last year and that for us was soft fruit.

Autumn raspberries, various currants, rhubarb and strawberries all performed really well and one of the great advantages of soft fruit, is that it is so easy to preserve, either by stewing, making jam or simply freezing. Sadly the same cannot be said for many vegetables

So if your thinking of new things too plant that will perform better in poor conditions, then  soft fruit may just be the answer. Less weeding too!



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