Seed potatoes now in stock!

Our Seed Potatoes are now in stock, and we have everything you need for growing and harvesting.

Our Seed Potatoes include:

Albert Bartlett ‘Anya’ – for salads, steaming, boiling and roasting,

Albert Barlett ‘Vivaldi’ – for boiling, baking, steaming, mashing and roasting

Albert Bartlett ‘Rooster’ – for mashing, baking, roasting and steaming

Second Early ‘Carlingford’ – for salads, boiling, baking and chips

Main Crop ‘Desiree’ – for baking, roasting, chips and mashing

Main Crop ‘Maris Piper’ – for boiling, roasting, chips and mashing

We have Potato Growing bags which are extra deep, allowing you to grow potatoes without an allotment in small gardens and on patios.

We have various composts and feeds to ensure your soil is nutritious and rich, as well as various accessories and tools to enable you to garden in comfort and ease.

Pop in to see our full range of seeds, tools, accessories, composts and feeds to give the Kitchen Garden a kick start.

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