Take away cakes

For some of us it’s hard to quantify our yearning for cake, all we know is that there is often a ¬†place or time when nothing else will do.

Being the kind hearted bunch that we are at Meadow Farm Nursery, we have decided to do something about this, after all no one should have to suffer a shortage of cake at what could potentially be a critical time.

So here we have it a Take Away Cake service.

It’s hard to say quite how this could change your life, all we know is that it could.

So what do I do next ?

Get on your bike, fire up the motor, get on your reeboks? it doesnt really matter, just get to the Tea Room quick – you don’t want to miss out. Select ¬†and purchase the piece of cake that floats your boat, we will box it up (just to avoid instant distraction) and quickly leave.

Conceal the cake and return to your nomal daily routine, safe in the knowledge that if the going gets tough, you will alwys have a slice of cake to help you on your way.

NB. Cake is best enjoyed alone, in an openspace with a rural vista or seascape.










No body appreciates the effort that goes into baking fresh cakes every day better than us. So when you want that

So when it comes to a nice fresh slice of victoria sponge or chocolate cake in the garden o a


If you are a regular visitor to the nursery and Tea room you will probably

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