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If you are concerned about watering plants this Summer, and want to select those which require the least watering, then we have a few suggestions. Nearly all plants will require water to get established but once this has happened, plant requirements for water hugely vary.

Firstly, if you can plant directly into the ground you are giving the plants the best chance as they will be able to develop a much larger root system, and are not resitricted by a container. This might mean fewer pots on the patio this year, but it will save on the work and the water! If Pots and Baskets is all you do, then it is helpful to choose the right compost. For Pots, use a 'John Innes' compost as this is loam based, with better water retention. You can also add water retaining crystals which are silica crystals you mix with the compost to act as a buffer on hot days! For Hanging Baskets, due to the weight, you are best to use 'Tub and Basket compost' which is lighter and already contains those water retaining crystals!

Secondly, once everything is planted, it helps to mulch the beds as this stops the soil from drying out too quickly, retaining moisture for longer. It isn't really practical do to this with pots and baskets (from experience!), as it can cause problems - it is hard to observe when a pot has dried out if the compost has been covered.

When it comes to plants, it is best to consider drought-tolerant Annuals and Perennials. Here are a few suggestions:

Annuals - Marigolds, Geraniums (both upright and trailing), Cineraria, Gazanias, Cosmos, Helichrysum, Osteospermum and Pelargoniums.

Perennials - Lavender, Rosemary, Achillea, Salvia, Echinops, Oenothera, Galliardia, Echinacea, Ajuga, Aquilegia, Bergenia, Carex testacea, Calamagrotis, Coreopsis, Campanula, Dianthus, Erysimum, Festuca, Geraniums (particularly 'Johnson's Blue', Knautia, Origano, Papaver, Pulsatilla, Sisyrinchium, Verbascum, Vinca.


Please take a look at our range of Composts to see those we have mentioned above. Keep an eye on our website categories; 'Annuals' and 'Perennials for Drought' for updates on newly rooted varieties as the season progresses. In Summer, we have a fantastic range to choose from.

For any questions, advice, or stock availability queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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