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It is really important to choose the right compost for your plants. This will ensure that your plants won't get waterlogged or dry out too quickly, and they will have enough feed to keep healthily and long-flowering...

MULTI-PURPOSE COMPOST - Despite the name 'Multi-purpose' compost, it isn't the best choice for ALL plants. If you are planting long-term plants, they will need something of better quality. However, Multipurpose is perfect for vegetables, herbs and seeds.

TUB AND BASKET COMPOST - This compost is much better for all your Summer plants in patio pots and hanging baskets. It has more plant feed in it, which will make sure your plants bush out and flower for longer. It also contains water storage crystals, which will help the plants to not dry out on windy, sunny days.

ROSE, TREE AND SHRUB COMPOST - This is THE compost for planting roses, trees and shrubs into the ground or pots. You can mix it with exisiting soil when planting. It contains enough plant food for a year and encourages root growth to ensure stronger plants long term.

TOP SOIL - If you are wanting to bulk fill a new raised bed or sow lawn seed, Top Soil is ideal. It is denser than multipurpose compost, meaning it won't dry out so quickly, preventing the lawn seed from blowing away before it can start growing, and it won't turn to dust and sink over time!

ECO-MIX - This soil improver is designed to be mixed with the existing soil to make it richer and more nutritious with better drainage. It is ideal for when you are revamping borders, or are planting a row of hedging.

ERICACEOUS COMPOST - There are a few plants, which are acid-loving and would prefer Acidic Ericaceous compost to the regular Rose, Tree and Shrub compost. These plants include Camellias, Rhododhendrons, Heathers, Azaleas and Blueberry bushes.

JOHN INNES No 2 and 3 - These are ideal step-by-step composts for transplanting. No 2 is more suited to vegetables and house plants, and No 3 is more suited to shrubs in tubs and patio pots.


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