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Herbs are a popular choice, as they are easy to grow in a wide range of gardens, and of course - wonderful for culinary use if you enjoy cooking!

Herbs enjoy sunshine at least half the day, and like the soil to be kept damp so that they can grow quickly and healthily. They can be planted in the ground in herb beds or in herbs pots and in window boxes - whichever suits your garden best! They aren't fussy about soil - a general Multipurpose compost will be fine.They require little maintenance except the regular picking of the top leaves to encourage more growth.

Some varieties are hardier than others and will come back every year - such as Mint, Sage and Thyme. Herbs such as Rosemary, Lavender and Mint grow large and spread, so are better planted in isolation or in a container to restrict growth!

We sell both herb seeds and herb plants, so here is a little information about our most popular varieties...

BASIL - A flavoursome herb, essential in Italian dishes. Basil is a tender annual herb so won't survive the Winter, but it can be grown on the windowsill indoors during cold months. Easy to grow from seed.

BAY - An evergreen shrub, often grown in a container and trained to look like a round bush or topiary. Prefers a sheltered location, away from wind. Use the leaves in fish and rice dishes!

CHIVES - A grass like herb from the Onion family. A favourite in potato salad and sauces. A tender herb, which is best to grow on the windowsill during Winter.

FENNEL - An attractive, tall perennial herb which will die down over Winter and reappear in the Spring. Better to buy in plant form than to grow from seed. You can use the leaves, seeds and swollen stem bases for culinary use.

HORSERADISH - Traditionally used with beef, and in sauces. Horseradish is hardy and spreads vigorously, so split the plants to prevent it swamping the area.

LEMON VERBENA - A tender shrub, which requires Winter protection and is ideal for growing in a pot. A few leaves can be used in salads, desserts and tea, for adding a distinctive lemon aroma. 

LAVENDER - Lavender is a tough shrub with thrives in a very sunny, dry location. The fragrant flowers are familiar to everyone and can be used in lavender bags and pot pourri, or added to sugar for an unusual addition to strawberries!

MINT - Mint is extremely vigorous growing, and best kept in a pot! There are a few different varieties which can be added to sauces, tea and other drinks, and lamb dishes. Tough and hardy - will reliably reappear in the Spring!

ROSEMARY - A slightly tender evergreen shrub, which needs a sheltered spot. Rosemary can get large, so plant it in the shrub border - or a pot to restrict it's size. Trim the tips and use them in meat dishes, especially with lamb and pork.

SAGE - An attractive evergreen bush, which thrives in a shrub border as well as pots and window boxes. It is very strong in flavour, so use sparingly with meat, onion and stuffing recipes.

PARSLEY - A tender herb which is the perfect size for window boxes and herb pots. There are curled varieties and flat leaved varieties, and it a popular choice for cooking with fish.

TARRAGON - Tarragon is a vigorous spreading herb, and requires light Winter protection. It is used in classic chicken and fish dishes, and added to butter - French tarragon is a more flavoursome preference.

THYME - A low growing, aromatic, evergreen herb which is full of flavour. It can be used for Winter colour, even in Hanging Baskets. It's citrus flavour is ideal for adding to meat and fish dishes, and also desserts - including custard!


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