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No matter how small your garden is, or how inexperienced a gardener you are, there are always a few vegetables that you can grow! Here, we will just cover the basics - a few simple and fun varieties!

The easiest types of vegetables to grow are tomatoes, 'Cut-and-come-again' salads, carrots, broad beans and other climbing beans, and courgettes.

All of these can be grown from seed, or you can buy the young vegetable plants. If you are growing from seed, they will have clear instructions on the packet. The seeds are easy to start off in a plastic tray on the windowsill, or you can sow them outdoors - just make sure it's not too early!

When your seedlings are ready, all of these vegetables can be grown in the ground, or in pots. You can use grow bags, but sometimes these can cause problems with watering and providing enough feed. 

Pots should be filled with multipurpose compost or prepared horse manure. The ground should be prepared by being forked, airated, mixed with manure and allowed to dry out so it's not soggy.

Tomatoes - Upright varieties will need support, especially heavy beef tomatoes. Tie 3 canes together tightly at the top, like a teepee, and tie the stems of the tomato plants to the canes with twine or garden wire. Tomatoes need full sun and to be well watered for the fruit to swell, and it is important to pinch out the side shoots!

You can grow tumbling tomato varieties in hanging baskets or from window troughs with enough room below for them to tumble. Keep them well watered.

'Cut-and-come-again' salad - Ideal for baby leaf salads, this lettuce can be cut for eating and will grow again up to 4 times. It is easy to sow straight into pots, and remember to cut quite low to the base of the plant to encourage healthy new leaves! There are many gorgeous varieties to choose from!

Carrots - When planting carrot seedlings in the ground, space them generously and evenly apart in straight rows. Try to do this only once, as moving the plants will make the carrot distort in shape.

There are many varieties of carrot, but the easiest to grow are baby Chantenay carrots. These are shorter, so can be grown in pots too! Space them well, and be patient - huge carrot tops doesn't always mean the carrots are ready!

Climbing beans - Like tomatoes, require support whether they are planted in the ground or potted up in big containers. Keep the plants in a sheltered location away from wind for a good crop!

Courgettes - Courgettes can be grown in the ground or in big pots. Plant them in a sunny location and keep them well watered as they are thirsty! Remember to pick the vegetables before they turn into marrows!


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