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The ideal time to plant a hedge is in the Autumn, when the soil is warm after the Summer, and damp from the Autumn rain.

Hedging plants are increasingly sold 'pot grown', so that they can be planted at your leisure, and throughout most of the year in our climate.

There are many hedging plants to choose from, and the most popular are Griselinia, Ligustrum, Prunus, Ilex, as they are all fast growing, evergreen, and very easy to maintain.

Depending on how 'instant' you would like the hedge to be, determines what size of plant is most suitable. We sell a range of sizes, from 50cm tall plants which can be planted a metre apart, and will make a substantial hedge in 5 years.

You will need a spade, gloves, a cane (for spacing), J.A. Bower's 'Rose, Tree and Shrub' quality compost, and Bone Meal.

What to do: 

Prepare the ground by digging a trench twice the width of the root ball. For small hedges, you can dig several individual holes.

Enrich the existing earth with a soil improver such as 'Eco Mix' or by mixing in J.A. Bower's 'Rose, Tree and Shrub' compost. Also add a sprinkle of Bone Meal to promote healthy root growth.

Cut a cane to size to evenly space each plant. Soak the root balls and allow them to drain.

Gently tease the roots and plant into the trench. Firm more 'Rose, Tree and Shrub' compost around the root ball to make it secure.

Water again when you have finished  planting and regularly throughout the following months until the plants are fully established.


When the hedge is more established in the Spring, give the hedge a light prune to improve the shape. For the first few years after this, give the hedge a hard prune in mid-late Summer or Autumn, which will encourage the hedge to thicken up at the base and will uniform the shape.

To create formal hedging, trim the hedge 2 or 3 times a year, when actively growing from late Spring. Cut the top of the hedge flat, and then the sides, making the top narrower than the base.

Keep the hedge fed annually with slow release granular feed such as Miracle Gro's 'Rose and Shrub food', or smaller granules which can be watered in, such as 'Growmore'.


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