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Summer patio pots are an easy way to add colourful, low maintenance decoration to your garden. 

The most important thing to consider, is how much sun the pots will get. If it's a sunny position that will dry out a lot, it's better to consider drough tolerant annual plants such as Geraniums and Verbena. However, if the pots will be in a shady, sheltered spot, you will have a more beautiful display from shade loving annuals such as Begonias, Fuchsias and Bizzy Lizzies.

Make sure the pots have drainage holes, (you can make your own with a screwdriver if needs be), so that the plants won't get waterlogged and can drain freely.

Choose quality compost, such as J.A.Bower's 'Tub and Basket' compost, which contains annual plant food for 8 weeks, and water storage crystals which help with watering over the Summer months. 

Fill the pots to the top with compost, scooping out holes for the plants. Tease the plants out of their pots, being careful not to damage the roots. Place plants in the holes, and pack round with fresh compost, leaving a 2cm gap from the top of the pot. This helps to get the water in!

Water well, and pop them in their new position for the Summer.

As a general rule, odd numbers of plants look best. If you are making a mixed planter, it's best to add some height with taller plants towards the back, such as geraniums, antirrhinums and salvias!

Keep the pots well watered, so the soil is kept damp but not soggy! After 6 weeks, or if the foliage is looking slightly yellower, feed the pots with liquid feed such as Miracle Gro 'Pour and Feed' or J.A.Bower's 'Tub and Basket' feed. Deadhead twice a week, cutting the flowers which have gone over at the lowest point. Doing this will encourage a repeat cycle of new blooms, so your pots will always look cheerful!


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