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Trees are wonderful additions to the garden, offering privacy, shelter, architectural shape, colour and attracting wildlife. There are many trees to choose from, and you may be inspired by those that you have seen growing locally to you. It is important that you select a variety that is suitable for both your requirements and your garden, so here we have selected some the best trees for our customers' most popular needs:

The ideal time to plant trees is in the Autumn, when the soil is warm after the Summer, and damp from the Autumn rain. 

You will need a spade, gloves, J.A. Bower's 'Rose, Tree and Shrub' quality compost, and Bone Meal.

What to do: 

Prepare the ground by digging a hole twice the width of the root ball. Enrich the existing earth with a soil improver such as 'Eco Mix' or by mixing in J.A. Bower's 'Rose, Tree and Shrub' compost. Also add a sprinkle of Bone Meal to promote healthy root growth.

Our trees are sold in pots, or strong plastic liners. Carefully remove the pot, soak the root ball and allow it to drain.

Gently tease the roots and plant into the hole. Firm more 'Rose, Tree and Shrub' compost around the root ball to make it secure.

Water again when you have finished planting and regularly throughout the following months until the tree is established.

Keep the tree fed annually with slow release granular feed such as Miracle Gro's 'Rose and Shrub food', or smaller granules which can be watered in, such as 'Growmore'.





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