Locally Grown Quality Plants 

For over 30 years we have been growing a broad range of traditional garden plants form our nursery site on North Hayling. What started off as a few vegetable plants and herbs has slowly turned into busy nursery.

For information on any of our plants please visit the nursery or please ring on 023 9246 1570 option 2

For commercial enquiries and orders please email

2020  - Plastic reduction

This year we have started to use a new type of plant pot in the production of our plant. Yes I know there probably are more exciting things to ponder but the reality of ornamental plant production is that it has historically used a huge amount of single use plastic.

So whats different ? our new pots can go in your recycle bin. And it's easy to know which pots you can recycle because all recyclable pots are a sort of muddy brown colour. For those of you better informed I guess it's called taupe!

This means we are all doing our bit to help reduce waste and you wont have a shed/greenhouse full of old pots you don't know what to do with.

We will be phasing in these new pots across our entire production so please look out for them.


If you have any questions do please ask one of the team 

2020  - Peat free compost

What better to put in our recyclable pots than a sustainably sourced, renewable peat free compost. And for our hardy plants we will be doing this as well.

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