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Spring colour for your garden

For many of us the fist signs of spring will have started to appear in our gardens over the last few weeks. It's pretty early especially on our Nursery on the south coast, so we all have our fingers crossed that the weather is kind to us.

One of the earliest flowering shrubs is #forsythia with is golden yellow flowers. These are always a popular favourite and also commonly used in flower arranging. Once flowering is over a flush of green foliage follows which lasts to the end of the autumn. In our view it's a must in any garden and signals spring is coming, so get your wellies on and get out in the garden.

Many Deciduous shrubs will now be making noticeable growth , shrubs like #ligustrum or #privet #spirea #hygrangea #weigela will all have new shoots, as will many of your roses.

It's a good time to prune back roses that have lost their shape or for those that need a good hair cut such as #patioroses for other shrubs especially those less hardy you are best to wait until the worst of the frosts are over.

Many spring flowering #bulbs will now be making their presence felt, #snowdrops are always early with their white flowers contrasting the green so well and many #daffodil varieties will be budding up. Our #teteatete bulbs have already been in flower for a couple of weeks and look amazing in #patio #pots and borders.

On the odd day that the sun does make an appearance its all too easy to get stuck in to a good clear up. Don't forget the old leaves offer a lot of protection for young plants and animals, so do a bit at a time and let nature take it's course as these will quickly rot down and improve the soil.

New season #shrubs and #perennails will soon be available at:

Meadow Farm Nursery

Woodgaston Lane

Haylins Island



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